Regio UE GR MDRAP focsani fonduri-ue


      This Project represents a permanent objective of the City Hall of the municipality of Focşani to attract a large number of tourists to the region and to provide high-quality tourism services. Romania is the European Union country with the highest number of people living from agriculture –that is more than 30% of the active population of the country.

      This situation must be changed, since the performance of the agricultural sector of other EU countries will make the products of the Romanian farmers uncompetitive, thus they will be forced to look for other ways of subsistence. In the South-East region the number of people working in agriculture is even greater, around 40% of the active population of the region. The development of tourism can represent an opportunity for creating new jobs and for increasing the economic competitiveness of the municipality, without major investments.

      The municipality of Focşani was interested, given its geographical position, to promote the development of tourism. This project is part of the city’s wider initiative to develop a tourism center with multiple possibilities of attracting tourists. The City Hall has developed several hiking trails near the city and managed to complete a local development strategy in which tourism represents an important priority.