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The milestone


Location: Union Square
A true symbol of the events of 1859, the milestone between Moldova and Wallachia was inaugurated in the presence of the historian and politician Nicolae Iorga, in 1931; year when the city of Focșani hosted the Congress of Cultural League, celebrating 40 years of activity.
Carried out in partnership by sculptor Ion Jalea and architect I. Berindei, the border landmark was officially unveiled on 13th of September bearing on it a plate with the following inscription: “Citizens of the City witnessing the Union of the Principalities have raised this as a remembrance of a past of victorious faith. This was once the Border Outpost no. 47 at the border of Milcov separating the two sister countries, Moldova and Wallachia.”
Designed as a truncated pyramid, the milestone is made of Vratza stone (Bulgaria) and bears on it, both the commemorative plate as well as bronze flat spots depicting the coat of arms of the two Romanian principalities.
Set initially in Union Square, on the place of the border outpost no. 47, the milestone undergone several locations, including: near the Old Post building on Cuza Vodă street and near “Balada” Cinema (the building of the Folk Choir “Țara Vrancei” next to the Local Council), and eventually to find again its rightful place around “Sf. Ioan Botezătorul” Church in the central square.