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Brazi Monastery


Set only two kilometers south of Panciu, Brazi Monastery is a place of glamorous and legendary silence. Situated under Neicul Hill, near the Hăulita brook, the monastery, whose existence begins in the 16th century, houses today around 20 nuns.
     We find on the territory of the monastery, beside the church dedicated to St. George, the chapel "Nativity of the Mother of God", which shelters the relics of Saint Theodosius, from Brazi, which were discovered on the territory of the monastery. St. Theodosius was canonized by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church and is celebrated on 22 September. The Brazi Monastery occupies a unique place in the worship of the Vrancea County religious sites through its extraordinary atmosphere of purity and spiritual peace through unique architecture through the existence of the underground chapel that sheltered the relics of St. Theodosius for a time through its legends which certainly contain more than a kernel of truth. It is said that in the past there was a tunnel that started from the underground chapel and crossed the hill to the "St. John the Baptist" hermitage.
     In the western part of the monastery there is a new church building, much more impressive than the present one. In every corner of the monastery there is proof of the work of love and faith of the living people here. The spacious chapel is divided into the Altar, the nave lighted by two large windows on both sides and the narthex. The tower is octagonal, covered with sheet metal. The carvings are carved wood. This chapel, cellars, walls, trapezes and other administrative buildings are built after 1990.