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Union Monument


Location: Union Square Set in the centre of the city, the Union Monument is positioned on the border dividing the two regions of the old settlement (Focşani of Wallachia and Focşani of Moldavia), before their union in 1862 on 10th July , when in Bucharest, Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza signed a decree merging the two parts of the city of Focsani. (Art. 2: “Both sides of the city beyond Milcov shall form in the future a single city which shall be the residence of Putna County” – Official Journal no. 149/July 1862. It was inaugurated on January 24th, 1976 and consists of an obelisk placed on a cylindrical base, which renders the unification dance undertaken by Prince Al. I .Cuza in a bronze bas-relief – work of the sculptor Ion Jalea (1887-1983). In the foreground it is portrayed the ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza alongside his main collaborators (Mihail Kogălniceanu, Costache Negri, Vasile Boerescu etc.), including the well-known peasant Ioan Roata (deputy chief participant and renowned participant (Putna deputy on ad hoc elections). On the facade of the obelisk it is placed a bronze plaque shaped as a shield, which is imprinted by “Unirea Principatelor Române.1859” (“The Union of the Romanian Principalities. 1859”)