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”Alexandru Vlahuta” Memorial house


The vineyards of Vrancea have, over time, been inspiring for writers, and some of them, in love with these places, have decided to stay here. It is also the case of the writer Alexandru Vlahuţă, who became Vranceanu in 1905, through his marriage to Alexandrina Ruxanda Gâlcă, the daughter of a Podgorian from Dragosloveni.
Alexandru Vlahuţă took the Romanian Academy Award with Romania Pitoreasca, and the money obtained as a prize was used to expand the Dragosloveni mansion. Here, in the mansion surrounded by vineyards, he invited his best friends from the world of letters - Ion Luca Caragiale and Barbu Delavrancea. Visitors to the Memorial House will discover the workmanship of the writer where Caragiale shed ink ink in one of his trips to Dragosloveni.
The Alexandru Vlahuta Memorial House was set up in 1958 on the occasion of the centenary of the writer's birth. It is a Romanian-style building, upstairs, having three sides the perspective of the Cotesti Vineyard. The interior of the memorial house, reconstituted with personal objects and manuscripts, gives the writer's work atmosphere.
You can find out more about the life and work of the paşoptist writer if you visit the "Alexandru Vlahuţă" memorial house from Dragosloveni, which is on the European road 85, at the exit of Dumbrăveni, in the direction of Focsani.